On September 3, 2011, two passionate speeches were delivered at a gathering in Berlin. They came from Geert Wilders - a Dutch parliamentarian and leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV), the third-largest political party in the Netherlands - and from Oskar Freysinger - a Swiss parliamentarian and member of the Swiss People's Party (SVP).

Excerpts from the speeches:

Geert Wilders:

Much has happened since my last visit . We have successfully started to roll back the process of Islamization in the Netherlands.

We have done so in a peaceful way and through the democratic process.

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On September 3, 2011, two passionate speeches were delivered at a gathering in Berlin. They came from Geert Wilders – a Dutch parliamentarian and leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV), the third-largest political party in the Netherlands – and from Oskar Freysinger – a Swiss parliamentarian and member of the Swiss People’s Party (SVP).

Excerpts from the speeches:

Geert Wilders:

Much has happened since my last visit [to Berlin]. We have successfully started to roll back the process of Islamization in the Netherlands.

We have done so in a peaceful way and through the democratic process. Recently, a deranged narcissistic psychopath from Norway committed a horrible crime. In cold blood he murdered nearly eighty innocent fellow citizens. The assassin pretended to be a concerned European. He said that he had committed his atrocity because “It is meaningless to participate in the democratic process.”

But he is wrong! The mass murderer from Oslo murdered and maimed, and he justified his heinous crime by denying – I quote – “that it is remotely possible to change the system democratically.” – end of quote.

But he is wrong! The Oslo murderer falsely claims to be one of us. But he is not one of us. We abhor violence. We are democrats. We believe in peaceful solutions.

The reason why we reject Islam is exactly Islam’s violent nature. We believe in democracy. We fight with the force of our conviction, but we never use violence. Our commitment to truth, human dignity and a just and honorable defense of the West does not allow us to use violence nor to give in to cynicism and despair.

We cherish the tradition of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Jelena Bonner, Lech Walesa and Ronald Reagan. These heroes defeated a totalitarian ideology by the power of their conviction and without firing a single shot. As the ex-Muslim and Islam-critic Ali Sina said in a reaction to the Oslo atrocity: “We don’t raise a sword against darkness; we lit a light.”

Oskar Freysinger

Europe is an idea, a cultural landscape, an intellectual space shaped by history. Europe is the cradle of the modern constitutional state, the treasure house of human rights, of freedom of opinion and expression.

This has ever increasingly been put into danger as our political elite bend their necks before a certain religious dogma that is completely alien to our intellectual history, our values and our rule of law.

This dogma is gnawing away at the pillars of our system of laws, wherever it is granted the space to do so. This dogma demands total obedience from its followers. “They should never integrate into our system of values.” That would be “treason” to them and is even punishable by death. They are supposed to conquer and subdue our Western world. Not with tanks, rockets or riflemen. Something they could never accomplish anyway. Not through brutal revolt.

No, Islam is in no hurry. It has an eternity.

A long process of demoralization and slow-motion occupation of our weakened, child-poor society is foreseen. The Islamic doctrine is intended to creep into our everyday life bit by bit, and make Fortress Europe crumble from within. Just think of how the Serbs lost Kosovo. Through demographic development and the help of NATO, which aided the founding of the first Islamic state on European soil. What a suicidal undertaking. What an ominous sign.

The Islamic dogma is now imposing itself everywhere. In Turkey, the Islamists are gradually occupying all judicial and army posts, in order to obliterate the heritage of Kemal Atatürk. Lebanon will become an Islamic state in the next decades, The Arab Spring is on the point of being taken over by the Islamists. In Iraq, Egypt and Pakistan, the last Christian communities are facing extinction,

And what are we doing? We are allowing this violent doctrine in to subvert our rule of law, wholly unhindered in our cultural ghettos. Have we gone mad?

We just shrug our shoulders when girls are forced into marriage and integrated Muslims are pressured and threatened. And we look the other way when women are beaten and whole city districts are taken over. We think we can soften the power-lusting “holy warriors” with social benefits.

We think we can buy our way to peace of mind! What lunacy! The Prophet’s beard is not for fondling. Fanatics cannot be bought.

My dear friends, we are not fighting against people, we are fighting FOR people! We are fighting against a dogma that despises all humanity and wants to push us back into barbarism. We will not easily give up the freedom for which we have fought so hard over the centuries.

Dear Berliners, here I stand, and I cannot do otherwise. Because no one in Europe will stand up even for the very pillar of our civilization, our rule of law, our humanity, the transcendental, unconditional “Love thy Neighbor.” THAT is the pillar!

If we lose this battle, there will be no second chance, for Islam does not give back what it has conquered.

Islam is only as strong as we are weak.

JUST HOW TRUE THESE WORDS OF WARNING ARE is emphasized by the following chilling article by Bob Unruh, writing for on August 29:

A rising leader in the radical Islamic movement in Egypt who has become a major political player since the demise of Hosni Mubarak’s regime says Christian churches may need to be blown up and Christians exterminated to allow the advance of Islamic law, or Shariah.

The comments come from Sheik ‘Adel Shehato, a senior leader with the Egyptian Islamic Jihad terrorist group. The sheik was jailed in 1991 because of his positions but was released earlier this year in the revolution that removed Mubarak from power.

In his interview with the Egyptian daily Roz Al-Yousef (translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute), the sheik, a senior jihadist leader, responded to a question about using violence against Christians, who make up a substantial minority in Egypt.

“Are you against blowing up churches?” the interviewer asked Shehato, to which he replied, “yes and no.”

“The Christian is free to worship his God in his church,” he explained. “But if the Christians make problems for the Muslims, I will exterminate them. I am guided by the Shariah, and it stipulates that they must pay the jizya tax while in a state of humiliation.”

These positions of yours frighten us, as Egyptians,” the interviewer said.

“I will not act [in ways] that contradict my faith just in order to please the people. … We say to the Christians, convert to Islam or pay the jizya, otherwise we will fight you. The Shariah is not based on logic but on divine law. That is why we oppose universal, manmade constitutions.”

Among the many assertions made by the senior Islamic leader was that the Egyptian pyramids need to be closed down to tourists.

“There will be tourism for purposes of [medical] treatment, but the tourism sites of the pyramids, the Sphinx, and Sharm Al-Sheikh will be shut down, because my task is to get people to serve Allah rather than people. No proud Muslim will ever be willing to live off tourism profits, because the tourists come to drink alcohol and fornicate. [If they] want to come, they must comply with the conditions and laws of Islam. We will explain to them that, according to the Shariah, the pyramids are [from] a pagan and polytheistic age.”

He continued with a description of the new state of arts and culture in Egypt, should he be in power.

“In Islam, there is no such thing as art. Painting, singing, and dancing are forbidden. Therefore, in the state there will be nothing but Islamic culture, for I cannot teach the infidel culture. … We will return to the decent culture of the Muslims and the Muslim forefathers, and to Islamic history,” he said.

The far-reaching interview included his plans for worldwide government.

“As Muslims, we must believe that the Quran is our constitution, and that it is impossible for us to institute a Western democratic regime,” he said. “I oppose democracy because it is not the faith of the Muslims. …  According to Islam, it is forbidden for people to rule and to legislate laws, as Allah alone is ruler. Allah did not hand down the term [democracy] as a form of rule, and it is completely absent from the Arab and Islamic lexicon.”

He said, “Once Allah’s law is instated (sic), the role of the people will end and Allah will reign supreme.”

A leader like himself would have no need to know what people want, he said.

“There is no consultation [by government leaders] with commoners, such as workers and fellahin, nor is there consultation over issues that contravene the Shariah,” he said.

Muslims such as Mubarak who led Islamic nations but without strict adherence to Shariah were apostate, he warned.

“They are apostate infidels, as opposed to infidels like the Jews and Christians, and anyone who doubts that they are infidels is an infidel,” he said.

Especially, he warned, Muslims must be wary of Christians and cannot be friends.

“I must support the Muslim and oppose the Christian,” he said. “If there is a Christian who does me no harm, I will maintain limited contact with him. Islam [discusses] certain degrees of contact with the Christian, namely: keeping promises, dealing honestly with him, treating him kindly, and befriending him. The first three are allowed, but the fourth is deemed dangerous, for it contravenes the verse that says, ‘O you who believe! Do not take my enemy and your enemy for friends…”

A worldwide Islamic kingdom, he explained, is a given.

“Of course we will launch a campaign of Islamic conquest throughout the world. As soon as the Muslim and Islam control Egypt and implement the Sharia, we will turn to the neighboring regions, Libya and Sudan to the south. All the Muslims in the world who wish to see the Shariah implemented worldwide will join the Egyptian army in order to form Islamic battalions, whose task will be to bring about the victory …

He said international relations will be simple.

“There are Muslims and there are infidels. We will have ambassadors in every country. We want to call all other countries to join Islam, and that will be the task of the ambassadors. If [they] refuse, there will be war,” he said.

MAY GOD HELP US ALL, CHRISTIANS AND JEWS, stand unbending and unyielding before the Islamic onslaught that seeks first to destroy valiant Israel and, when she is no more, conquer and bring into submission the Judeo-Christian nations that remain.

Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director

International Christian Zionist Center




The PLO was instituted in 1964 three years before the six day war in June 1967 when Israel, in a war of self-defense, recovered the so-called “West Bank”, now seen and proclaimed by nearly everybody as the quintessence crux of the Middle East problem.
This however shows that the PLO (All Palestine needs to be liberated) was not formed to erect a Palestinian state on the ‘so called’ West Bank but was instituted to replace all of Israel with a Muslim Palestinian State.

A Word From Zion

The New Testament Basis for the Restoration of Israel

Jesus was asked by His disciples whether He would restore the kingdom to Israel at that time, to which He replied:
Therefore, when they had come together, they asked Him, saying, “Lord, will You at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?” And He said to them, “It is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has put in His own authority.