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A lot of knowledge about Israel can be acquired by reading the Bible, browsing through books and conducting Internet research.  A meaningful understanding and feel for Israel, both ancient and modern, however, can only be had through first-hand experience.

Israel is a rich and complex nation, whose full spirit and impact can never be adequately conveyed through mere words and pictures.  To absorb Israel is to be here, to smell the smells, hear the sounds and meet the people who make this place live. Israel is the one location on earth where God’s word truly comes alive.  An increasing number of visitors learn this every day.

Thousands of years ago, Israel’s prophets foretold that people from around the world would one day come up to the land:

Yes, many peoples and strong nations shall come to seek the LORD of hosts in Jerusalem, and to pray before the LORD. (Zechariah 9:22)

Why would “many peoples” have to seek the LORD in a land as far away as Israel?  We believe that, while it is true that the LORD is with us wherever we are, Israel is His chosen land, and regardless of the significance of events in other parts of the world, God has selected this place to be His habitation forever.

Many people have a longing feeling to visit Israel and experience its sights and sounds, but believe this to be an unrealizable dream.  The cost, logistics and effort are held to be out of reach for many.  Not so! Coming to Israel is actually easier and more affordable than you think.

In this channel, we will provide descriptions, pictures and “virtual tours” of Israel to whet your appetite.  At the same time, we will give you a variety of options for making your own real pilgrimage to the Holy Land.