By Jan Willem van der Hoeven

Woe to you when all men speak well of you, for so did their fathers to the false prophets.  (Luke 6:26)

Despite the overwhelming and unbelievable euphoria accompanying the election of America's new president, the sad truth is that the very opposite of what the enthralled millions of Obama supporters - both in the United States and elsewhere - have hoped would happen as a result will actually become the reality.

This truth is too bitter for most of us.

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By Jan Willem van der Hoeven

Woe to you when all men speak well of you, for so did their fathers to the false prophets.  (Luke 6:26)

Despite the overwhelming and unbelievable euphoria accompanying the election of America’s new president, the sad truth is that the very opposite of what the enthralled millions of Obama supporters – both in the United States and elsewhere – have hoped would happen as a result will actually become the reality.

This truth is too bitter for most of us. Even among many of those Christians who may have voted for the – to them – more friendly team of McCain and Palin, after all their hopes to the contrary, still do not really understand the utter seriousness of what has just taken place.

America has fallen, never to rise again to its former glory and strength. It is as what happened to the glory and splendor of Rome. I have wept about this, and reading now some of the Christian commentators trying to put the typical ‘let’s not lose hope’ seal upon what has happened, I believe this will only speed up this degradation of America’s society.

As a European, I years ago saw this same process happen to most of the Continent – today a pagan, self-centered, de-Christianized and heavily Muslimized continent that has hardly any moral or military strength left. As was the case when Hitler’s Nazi hordes overran Europe in 1939, so now it lies nearly totally defenseless against the aggressive designs of both Putin’s revived “Soviet” Russia or the deep and dangerous Jihadic infiltration of ISLAM.

Obama, as President of the United States, will not this time send his “Eisenhower-“led U.S. marines to save Georgia, Ukraine or any other Putin-threatened European country, EVEN THOUGH most of these Europeans, utterly blind to what is coming their way, voted in their hearts for Obama to be the next president – “their president” – of the free world.

Israel, in spite of some prominent Jewish and even Israel-linked Obama advisors, will practically, (for all practical purposes) find itself alone in its fight for mere survival as a nation against the horrendous threats of a soon-to-be nuclear-armed Iran and the increasingly armed and fanatized Muslim world that surrounds Israel on all sides.

All that the new, fully Democrat-controlled U.S. administration with its inbuilt anti-war bias will do to alleviate Israel’s fears is talk and talk and talk, just as the Europeans have fruitlessly done these last years. Israel will literally be left alone and stark naked vis-à-vis their ever more ferociously armed enemies. If the Israelis want to do anything they will be on their own. Even requesting the approval of the new Obama-led administration will be a mistake. He will opt for more talk, more sanctions, until the time will have passed for Israel to act preventively.

It is all very sad indeed. Very sad because there will not be a reverse in all this.

For truly-concerned believers to think things will be able to change again by, for instance,  Sarah Palin running for president after four or eight years is fantasy. By then America will have, after four or eight years of Democratic rule, newly-placed and far more liberal judges on the Supreme Court; the country will have been so secularized and paganized that never again will there be enough of a conservative Christian bloc left among America’s voters to even want a ‘Christian president’ back in the White House.

Thus America has fallen, never again to rise to its former height; and with her fall the whole free world will suffer. And only few understand and are weeping about this because most DON’T WANT TO SEE, or quickly search for a stereotyped word: Let’s not lose hope. Hereby they precisely cause Christians not to hear the holy and fearful voice of God’s Alarm, that it is all over now for the moment.

Jesus Himself spoke such words over His nation and city. No stone would be left upon the other. The prophets of old spoke the very same words about their own nation, words which few preachers today in the U.S. or the West would dare to preach!

Thus says the Lord God: ‘A disaster, a singular disaster; behold, it has come! An end has come, the end has come; it has dawned for you; behold, it has come! Doom has come to you, you who dwell in the land; the time has come, a day of trouble is near, and not of rejoicing in the mountains.’  (Ezekiel 7:5-7)

O my soul, my soul! I am pained in my very heart! My heart makes a noise in me; I cannot hold my peace, because you have heard, O my soul, the sound of the trumpet, the alarm of war. Destruction upon destruction is cried, for the whole land is plundered. Suddenly my tents are plundered, and my curtains in a moment. How long will I see the standard, and hear the sound of the trumpet? (Jeremiah 4:19-21)

It is because we have grown up in an often sugar-coated Christianity of ‘God is love’ that we nearly feel obliged to be positive in the end.

Yes, positive we can be in spite of all that will soon happen to us and our nations on earth because we all have, if we endure through it all, a heavenly future. As Jesus said: When all these (terrifying) things begin to happen lift up your eyes to heaven from where I soon will be coming on the clouds with great glory and majesty. But, here on earth, He also said: ‘You will be hated, hated by all nations for my Name sake!’

That’s the time we are entering now. Where not that long ago, 60 percent of America’s youth was still God-fearing, today that number stands at less than 10 percent! There are, in the upcoming next generations, not enough believers left to bring the change in America that “positive minded” Christians still want to pray for. It is finished, just as it was for Israel in days past and few, very few are willing even to face up to this sad and painful truth.

Already you can feel it in the air: the hatred, anger and intolerance of many who have reveled in the election of their messiah-like Obama, the man who promises them – the young and the old – change that is not based on personal change by repenting from sin and evil, but a deceitful promise of change, while every one can live it up according to his and her own desires without necessitating a change in their own, personal behavior.

Under Obama, nearly everything will go. The killing of the unborn, the perversion of sexuality, the very abominations that brought down the worlds of Sodom and Gomorrah, of Rome and the Greek civilization, will bring down America and, with it, the West.

Is there then no respite at all any more?

God’s Word again and again holds forth that the nation that shall refuse to serve His purpose with Israel shall perish. He states it baldly in Isaiah 60:12:

For the nation and kingdom which will not serve you shall perish, and those nations shall be utterly ruined.

And says through Jeremiah 30:10-11:

‘Therefore do not fear, O My servant Jacob,’ says the Lord, ‘nor be dismayed, O Israel; for behold, I will save you from afar, and your seed from the land of their captivity. Jacob shall return, have rest and be quiet, and no one shall make him afraid. For I am with you,’ says the Lord, ‘to save you; though I make a full end of all nations where I have scattered you, yet I will not make a complete end of you. But I will correct you in justice, and will not let you go altogether unpunished.’

The same word comes through many other passages, like His pronounced judgment on the nations that will have the audacity – as purposed by America and Europe, among others – to parcel out the land God has called His Own, by dividing it in two. This, tragically, has been the immensely-destructive cornerstone of the Middle East policy of President George W. Bush and his Condoleezza Rice. The prophet Joel does not mince words about the serious consequences that such an anti-God and anti-His Land policy will reap from Him.

Would President Bush, at this desperately-late hour, still wake up and reverse this policy which he initiated by fully endorsing God’s eternal covenant with His people, whereby He exclusively promised the entirety of this, His land, “as an everlasting possession?” If that were to happen, by the immense and unrelenting pressure of America’s millions of Christian believers in the two months that remains of his presidency, even I would see a glimmer of hope! But will it happen? And will the dear Christians of America do more than hope and pray for the best without sounding forth the ALARM – that Lord would maybe so still leave some blessing behind Him, as Joel prophesies:

“Now, therefore,” says the Lord, “turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting, with weeping, and with mourning.” So rend your heart, and not your garments; return to the Lord your God, for He is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness; and He relents from doing harm. Who knows if He will turn and relent, and leave a blessing behind Him– a grain offering and a drink offering for the Lord your God?”  (Joel 2:12-14)

Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director
International Christian Zionist Center

PS. The only thing I want to add to what I have written are the amazingly true words written by Kathleen Mitchell on November 5:

The voting and the counting is over.  My heart has been heavy with the results.  This morning as I awakened, unaware of the outcome of the election, I had the image of a scene from the movie INDEPENDENCE DAY emblazoned across my mind.  The scene showed an alien mother ship hovering above New York City.  Masses of cheering Americans gathered under it, shouting, celebrating, and waving welcome signs … announcing a new day of peace and prosperity.  They were thrilled to be visited by these aliens “friends” and extended peace before they knew what these beings were really about.  As the bottom of the mother ship slowly opened its portal, the people cheered louder, thinking that a glorious delegation would come down to embrace them.  Instead, a consuming blast of fire and light descended, vaporizing the celebrants and destroying the city in mass devastation. This morning I knew the results of the election before I heard them.  The scene from the movie deposited in my mind, said it all.  All that I could do was to cry MERCY, LORD!
As the morning unfolded, and the results of the election were confirmed, I pinned a torn piece of black fabric to my shirt, as a traditional sign of mourning.  I sat with the Lord, to be enwrapped by His Spirit. Suddenly I understood, more clearly than ever before, how easily the anti-Christ will come upon the scene and how easily he will deceive the masses (including many believers).  This little test case of the American election showed how undiscerning, how gullible and how carnal we really are as a people. The truth of that fact brought me to tears.  If not for the Lord’s mercy, enabling us to hear and to receive His truth, we all would be hopelessly lost in deception. The pride of the human heart and mind, believing that truth can be found apart from God, will bring us disaster every time.
I was also inspired to write an apology to all of you who are reading this in the nations beyond the USA.  Please forgive the American people for making this foolish choice. The decision of this nation will negatively affect your lives too.  Especially, those of you who live in Israel … please forgive us.  We have been remarkable selfish, foolish, rebellious, and shallow.  We have set Israel up for a terrible betrayal.  Know that you, who are American Israelis, holding dual citizenship, voted 3 to 1 for McCain, God has seen your choice and He will bless you for it.  I thank God for you.  For those of you throughout the nations who prayed and fasted for this election, God bless each one of you!
Now here is the best part, which I have been saving for last.  As I sat before the Lord this morning, He spoke some very clear words to me. 
“Truly I say to you, this is a day of grieving and of many tears.  Even as your hearts are heavy, I too, knowing the choice that would be made, still have an agony running through my heart to see this choice manifest upon the earth.  The lot has been cast … the people have made their will known … contrary as it is to My will … and thus they will live and die according to their desires. I gave them the freedom and the power to decide their fate, and they have now chosen it.
Little faithful ones, you grieve that the Enemy and his camp are rejoicing in their victory.  Remember another time, when they likewise rejoiced, believing that they had defeated Me in death.  They fell victim to their own deception and will again. In the final result, My Enemy and his company will suffer an eternal loss that will be unbearable and unchangeable. Even soon, before eternity replaces all temporal life forever, My enemy will indeed suffer great losses.  The people of My heart, those who cast their lot with Me, have not been defeated.  Their victory has been transferred to an eternal location that cannot be taken from them.  What seems as humiliation, being handed to you by the world and by the dark powers deceiving it, is in My eyes a great exaltation.  Know that I have seen the faithfulness of those true to Me and to My word.  You, who have been faithful, shall not lose your reward.  Know this:  Your fasting and your supplications … your repentance and your declarations of truth were not in vain.  A day is coming in eternity when you will see the fruit of these things.  Only then will you be introduced to those who stand in My presence, because of the effect you had in turning them away from allying themselves with death and rebellion.  Your words, your fasting, and your prayers have snatched many from the fires that will come upon the earth from this choice of the nation; because they rejected death, due to your influence.  Be at peace in knowing that you served Me well.  What I wanted you to accomplish has been accomplished, even though you did not see the result in full, which you had prayed for.  You did not fail Me.
You have heard in your ears the sound of a ticking clock. It is the final hour that has now begun upon the earth.  The pendulum of the clock was put into motion with this vote; for this vote in indeed tied to Israel.  Know that the ticking has begun; counting down the days until My return.  You will be very surprised at the timing of My arrival.  Rejoice in that reality, even as you grieve in the knowledge of the evil that will come in this last hour.  There is still a harvest to nurture and to secure.  Look to that which remains to be accomplished. Turn your focus intently upon Israel, as soon she will face the world totally alone in her most desperate hour.  She will need your intercession to bring forth holy leaders, and great miracles of deliverance.  Your intercession will move My hand, bringing her close to My face.  Truly she will come to know Me and to depend upon Me.  This is your task now, as it always has been. Only now it is to be a more consuming task.
You must always seek mercy in the midst of My judgment.  Cry out until I tell you to intercede no more.  Be ready to gather in the many devastated, disenchanted, wounded, that will experience the consequences of their rebellion against Me.  At first, this country will experience a false sense of prosperity and safety. In a heart beat it will vanish; bringing the hard realities to bear.  They have been greatly deceived and the cost of it will be crushing.  What will be their response, but to first decry you as false prophets, fools, and naysayers? When the fruit of their choice descends upon their heads, they will blame you for bringing it through the power of your words.  Eventually some will realize their error in the midst of their agony and will come seeking refuge.  What will you do then, but to re-speak the truth?  At that time, some will hear, understand, and repent.  Seek My heart, so that you will receive the repentant rebellious in love.

Kathleen D. Mitchell

In The Cleft of the Rock Ministries, International
PO Box  498548
Cincinnati, OH  45249-9998 USA
November 5, 2008

© Israel My Beloved




The PLO was instituted in 1964 three years before the six day war in June 1967 when Israel, in a war of self-defense, recovered the so-called “West Bank”, now seen and proclaimed by nearly everybody as the quintessence crux of the Middle East problem.
This however shows that the PLO (All Palestine needs to be liberated) was not formed to erect a Palestinian state on the ‘so called’ West Bank but was instituted to replace all of Israel with a Muslim Palestinian State.

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The New Testament Basis for the Restoration of Israel

Jesus was asked by His disciples whether He would restore the kingdom to Israel at that time, to which He replied:
Therefore, when they had come together, they asked Him, saying, “Lord, will You at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?” And He said to them, “It is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has put in His own authority.