The coming Third World War

The following is a transcript of a message delivered by Jan Willem van der Hoeven in Norway on July 20, 2014.

And I hope also that the Lord Jesus, by His Spirit, will show you what to do with the information - because we are living in unbelievably prophetic times. And I have a feeling that soon we will see a war in the Middle East that will lead to the greatest revival that has ever hit the Middle East.

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The following is a transcript of a message delivered by Jan Willem van der Hoeven in Norway on July 20, 2014.

And I hope also that the Lord Jesus, by His Spirit, will show you what to do with the information – because we are living in unbelievably prophetic times. And I have a feeling that soon we will see a war in the Middle East that will lead to the greatest revival that has ever hit the Middle East. And I would not be surprised that this little war with Hamas in Gaza will lead to a war with Damascus and with the Hezbollah in Lebanon. Actually I wrote and warned the [Israeli] Chief of Staff that this would happen; that soon Israel will be attacked by thousands of rockets, not from the south only, but there are a hundred thousand rockets in the hands of Hezbollah, and huge numbers of rockets in the hands of the Muslims in Syria.

A woman of God told me one and a half years ago, “The Lord said to me, soon the prophecy of Isaiah 17 will be fulfilled, when Damascus will be turned into a ruinous city and destroyed.”

I spoke once to a pilot – an Israeli pilot – I said, “You will not be attacked immediately by Iran, but Iran will make Assad and the Hezbollah do the dirty work for them and attack you.” And then he said to me, “If they will attack us and Tel Aviv, we will flatten Damascus.” And I believe that this is going to lead to the fulfillment of God’s Word.

What came by the sword will go by the sword. These are the words of Jesus Himself. Islam came by the sword. The sword preceded the Quran, and Mohammed fought 53 wars, and destroyed much of the apostolic fruits of the churches in the Middle East. And therefore we know it was evil. The most closed country in the world for the Gospel, where no preacher has ever dared to preach, no Billy Graham, no Osborne, is Saudi Arabia. You cannot even take your Bible on the plane back to Saudi Arabia. And that shows us that when that Islamic power came in Mecca and Medina, and spread itself over the whole Middle East, it was an antichrist spirit. For if Allah was the same God as the God of Israel, the door would be open for the Gospel to be preached. How can God, if He is really the only God – and Allah is supposed to be the same God – send His Son to save everyone that repents from his sin; and then, if Allah is the same as God, he says, “o, you cannot preach this in Saudi Arabia?” Everyone who has a little bit of intelligence says, “How can it be? How can Allah fight himself? He killed His Son. He wants us to preach it to the whole world. And if Allah is the same as God he says no-one should preach that word in Saudi Arabia.” Therefore we know that it is from the devil. We know it is the spirit of antichrist. And it has to be bound by the Lord, in the name of Jesus.

So God is going to use the next war to get the poison of Islam out of the hearts of multitudes of Arabs. It will enter the Middle East, into the reality of Isaiah 19: 23-25, where it says, “There will be a blessing in the midst of the earth, [God is speaking] when I will bless My people Egypt, and the work of My hands, Assyria, and My inheritance Israel. And there will be a highway from Egypt to Assyria, and it will be a blessing in the midst of the earth.”

I announce a short war, with Damascus, with the power of Islam in the Arabs, what came by the sword will fall by the sword of Israel, and it will be a blessing for the Arabs, for in the end they will be free, with their brothers – they are not nephews, they are half-brothers of the Jews, and they are going to be together – Egypt, Israel and Assyria, a blessing in the midst of the earth.

I want you to know: the Arabs are not the final enemy of Israel. If you move in the Holy Ghost, as sons and daughters of God, having repented truly of your sins(and we also have, in our dress, to look more holy – I beg you not to dress unless you ask the Lord how to dress), if we are holy, and we stand before the Lord, we have the power to go in front of the army of Israel. In a way we have done this already here during these three days. And I, by God’s grace, will reap the fruits with Israel when I go back.

When the praisers went in front of the ark, the Lord moved upon the army of Israel. We do not need to fight with bombs, or with planes. Our weapons are spiritual, mighty for the breaking down of the principalities. And the first one that you have to break as you praise the Lord is the power of Islam. Crush it under your feet. So that the Arabs can kiss at the border, like Esau did Jacob. Not inside the border. The Arabs will live in peace with Israel living within her own God-given borders. For reconciliation will not cost Israel her land. Esau and Jacob, after we break the power of Islam, will be reconciled as Esau and Jacob were – at the border. Oh, it is going to be a wonderful peace.

It is the Middle East where God did the greatest things: Abraham lived in Assyria. And he lived in Egypt. And he lived in Israel. And Israel lived in Babylon. And in Egypt. And lived in Israel. And so I said, “Lord, You were in Egypt. And You were in Israel. Were You also in Babylon and Assyria”? And the Lord opened my eyes. “I was the fourth man in the oven at Nebuchadnezzar. I was there too.” That is the Middle East. And God is going to win it back. He will slay and cut off the power of Islam. And the Arabs will become the greatest channel of blessing to the people of Israel.

And you know how you know that this is true? Because after that, and this is my second point, we will have Gog and Magog. And Gog and Magog will attack Israel. And the Bible says, when that happens, after the revival – because Ezekiel 37, that I preached about yesterday, is before Ezekiel 38 and 39! So Israel is already in the revival, and the Arabs and the Jews are one! God is going to retrieve first those who live in the Middle East.

So the Bible says, when Gog and Magog attack, you will find in the roll of nations that come with Gog and Magog, no more Egypt, no more Assyria, you speak about Togamar – Turkey, Gomer – Ethiopia, or it is more Sudan, Cush – Persia, but no Arabs! And the Bible says Israel will dwell with unfenced borders! At peace! Because they were part of the revival! And the world will say to Gog and Magog, why did you attack Israel? And this will be maybe in seven years only. Because we will first have the war with the Arabs that may happen at anytime. And Damascus destroyed. And revival come in. Because the power of the poison of Islam will be bound over the Arab mind. And then Israel will have no need to have borders anymore. Because Esau and Jacob have kissed one another.

And so Gog and Magog will be furious. And the nations will say, “Why have you come to attack?” And Gog and Magog doesn’t say, “Because of the Palestinians.” But, “Have you come to take the spoil?” That’s what the nations ask Gog and Magog. There will be such a flow of oil in the Middle East – and the last three letters of ‘spoil’ is ‘oil.’ God is going to bless His people – and Gog and Magog are going to attack.

You know, I would be willing, with God’s help, to go to Putin and anoint him.

Remember the story of Elijah – who had to anoint Elisha, Jehu and Hazael? And so, when he went to Hazael – I think it was his replacement, Elisha, who went to Hazael – he saw Hazael, and he began to cry. He said, “Why are you crying?” He said, “Because I know what you are going to do to Israel.” But God told me, “You’re His weapon, you’re His channel for judgment on my nation. And I have to anoint you!”

I am willing to go to Putin and to anoint him to attack Europe or to attack America! That’s the parallel! And maybe with tears in our eyes. And God showed me to speak this message because there is going to be a Third World War – Gog and Magog – Ezekiel 38 and 39. And so after the wonderful unity between Believers and Jews and Arabs and Jews – it’s one flock, you are so right, you read that passage – there will be one flock and the devil will hate it. But God will use whatever means to use the leader of Gog to put His judgment over the West. And the Bible says, the people that will be left on the earth will be rarer than fine gold.

We have no idea – with all the cheap preaching of “grace, grace, grace” and “revival, revival, revival.” There is a weeping prophet! His name is Jeremiah – who says, “I tell you. Nebuchadnezzar is God’s instrument. He will judge you for your immorality. Repent!” He wept. And they said, “You! You’re not a patriot. You are speaking against Israel.”

You are weakening, Norway. “Go in a pit. You are weakening the king of Israel, the army of Israel.”

You can pray what you want, as Norwegians, after you have fornicated and run after your alcohol and everything. And God can save us if we repent! But if we go with our immorality, the breaking up of our marriages – you can pray what you want, “O Lord save Norway.” God says, “I’m not going to save Norway. I will send my servant, Putin. You anoint him to do My work.”

At least he is an anti-homosexual. He is more a man than most of the politicians in Europe. May God let him hear this word – that he himself may know that he is under the command of God.

Where is it all written in the Bible? After the revival that will happen at the Feast of Tabernacles – which includes the Arabs – it will include all the Gentiles that have been grafted into Israel. And give us the double portion that we so long for. And Jesus announced the Holy Spirit at the Feast of Tabernacles! The Lord said, “I used the Feast of Tabernacles, not Pentecost” – so we know it’s going to happen. The former and the latter rain will fall upon us. And you know, we always had evening meetings. And the Lord showed me. You always have evening meetings. Where does it say that in the Bible? When did the Holy Spirit fall? In the evening? Or in the morning? So we, for the first time, have our meetings in the valley of Hinnom in the morning and in the afternoon. Because I want to be ready to receive that revival that will bring the Church and Israel and the Arabs and the Jews in one. One flock. And then we have some years before the Third World War.

We go to Ezekiel 38 and 39. And what does it say? “I will cast fire on the coastlands that dwell carelessly.” God is speaking. And I hear many Christians – I hope you can have an open heart about Gog and Magog and Israel. Do you know, God is going to attack Gog and Magog in Israel, that is why He puts a hook. But before they go and get dealt with by God in Israel, He will use – if Putin is still there – the Prince of Rosh – to put His judgments on the coastlands and the West that dwells with carelessness. So all that is said about Gog and Magog attacking Israel is wrong! Gog and Magog will attack the US! And then God will say, “You come now that you’ve done My work on the immorality and the corruption – on Norway, on Europe, on America, on Obama and his team, nowI need Putin after that for Israel.”

My God is God. He says, “Now I will deal with you.” And it will take Israel seven months to bury the dead. Gog and Magog will be finished. Not by NATO, but by God on the mountains of Israel.

You know, it was from the Lord that my sister spoke about my book. I hope you are all going to read it. Because in it I show that the Arabs are not the final problem for Israel, but that the devil needs a Third World War to bring Rome into the picture. It is an amazing thing when you see it.

I was preaching in the church of David Wilkerson, a holy man of God. I was privileged that he allowed me to preach there. And he took me to his flat – his apartment. And I watched the whole city [looking] like a Christmas tree. All the big towers lit up. And when I made a remark, he said, “When I look out over my city, I only see a cemetery.” What happened to the Twin Towers was only the beginning. The city of New York is going to be destroyed. And this holy man of God could not even look at the city. He said, “Where these rich men come into their Chevrolets and their cars with all the money they have – I’m not saying they are all like that – and they look for nice, juicy young men to have sex with…” God has seen everything that is happening – all the pornography, all the immorality – and God is spitting mad! Unless we repent and put ourselves under the blood, judgment will come, and it will begin at the House of God before it goes to the nations.

So let us pray to be cleansed, to be cleansed from every sin, from every bondage, and make up with our wives or with our fellow Christians whom we have deeply wounded. There are more Christians today that are deeply wounded by fellow Christians than by people in the world. And God forgive us.

The devil is cruel. The Bible calls him the destroyer of nations. “O Lucifer – destroyer of nations” – he needs a Third World War to bring Rome into the picture. I write about it in my book.

We have seen two world wars. After the First World War the devil said, “You must be united.” The League of Nations was man’s answer inspired by the devil to go back to Babylon. Because what was the essence of Babylon? If we as mankind (I wish Brother Francis the Pope would hear this!) can unite and be one – the human family as one – we can do it. We can build our towers! We can be the salvation for this world. And God gave each nation its language. So the devil hates your love for your nation. And if you listen to the New Age [proponents] they stress that we are all children of this [global] village earth. And we have to care for it. And we have to be united with everybody. With the socialists. With the homosexuals. We are one, children of God. That is where the world is going. Unity without repentance will lead to Babylon, and not to Jerusalem.

The Bible says, they that want to enter the gates of Jerusalem have to cleanse themselves in the blood of the Lamb. But into Babylon you can come with your own dress. That’s why it is not a bride, but a scarlet woman that will sit upon the Beast!

Now let me come back: After the First World War, the League of Nations- the beginning of ‘one,’ of ‘oneness.’ Then the devil thought, “I need another world war for they still don’t get the point.” So we had the Second World War. More than 50 million people were killed. I believe in the next world war at least 300 million will be killed. But the devil used the Second World War, when the people saw all the destruction and said, “This is terrible!” so he said, “You must unite.” And so the League of Nations became the United Nations.
Some years ago, I got a little booklet into my hands, and it’s called, “The Report of the Club of Rome.” And in that report, the big economic and political people that came together in Rome were discussing the problems of our generation. The lack of energy. The lack of food. Overpopulation. Air pollution. All the big problems. And they said, “We must become one – because we will have no more energy, no more food, we will not know what to do with the economies” – and so they made a report in the club of Rome and divided the world into 10 economic units. American-Canada 1. South America 2. Europe 3. China 4. All the Arabs together 5. All the black African nations 6. So they divided the whole world into 10 units – just as the Bible says. It’s not going to be Europe, it’s going to be the whole world – the 10 toes of Rome!

I said, “Lord! They are ready to upgrade the United Nations, after the war of Gog and Magog, into a world presidium of 10 presidents.” And because New York will be destroyed, Rome will be the counter city to Jerusalem that will open the gates to the world church that will sit on the beast of 10 horns. So there will be a world government and a world church. That’s why we should cry for people like Ulf Ekman. For this time! The Lord is on His way to Jerusalem, but the Antichrist is on his way to Babylon – to Rome.

But you know something? I have good news. There is a parallel. In 1917 the League of Nations was born – the embryo of what will become the world government. I was amazed where they put Israel – the Club of Rome – because they have put all the Arabs together, the Muslims – so they put Israel with New Zealand and Australia. I go to Australia, and I say, “God can give you the crown.” The Bible says, from the 10 presidents, three will be pushed. None of these presidents will be leader, but the little horn – a super secretary-general, a little horn – he will come up and become the world leader, the false man of peace – [and say], “Let me do it.” A super Henry Kissinger, who not for nothing is also a Jew.

But there is good news: 1917 was not just the year of the League of Nations – it was the year of the embryo of Israel. In 1917, a godly man, Arthur Balfour, pushed by his Christian Zionist aunt and other Christians as well, Uncle Arthur blessed Britain by allowing the Jews to immigrate to Israel. So it was the beginning of the restoration for Israel, not just the League of Nations. 1948 the devil said, “Be one!” – United Nations – that has been more unfriendly to Israel than any other country because the devil presides over that house of lies. But 1948 there were Israelis dancing, and the Jews of Tel Aviv – for the State of Israel was born. Each way you look, to Babylon or to Jerusalem, God says, “I will choose Jerusalem!” to heal the world. And all those that will be left in the nations after He judges them, will come up every year to celebrate the feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem and to worship the King, and to comfort the Jews.

Se each way you look – I said, “Let Babylon be one. I go to Jerusalem.” Because the Lord says, “In that day, Jerusalem will be the highest mountain, and the nations will come up to it, and preach war no longer.” My Bible doesn’t say, “New York, New York, if I forget thee…” or “Geneva, Geneva.” “Pray for the peace conference tables there!”

Righteousness will not come from the United Nations, peace will not come from Geneva – for the children of God there is only one city. Jesus is not coming to Amsterdam. He is coming with great glory, on the praises of His people, to only one hill – the hill of the Lord. “Here I have desired to dwell forever.” And the nations have imagined a vain thing, as Psalm 2 says. They want to solve the Middle East problem by dividing God’s land. That’s the wisdom of the Norwegian government; that’s the wisdom of America; that’s the wisdom of the nations of the world. But He who sits in the heavens will laugh them to scorn and say, “Yet I will set My king, not in Rome, but on my holy hill in Jerusalem.”

After the Second World War, United Nations – 1948. 1948, Israel became a nation after 2000 years. The Prophet Isaiah said, “A nation shall be born in a day.” And we are in front of a short war with the power of Islam, with the Arab nations, because God wants to bring the brothers of the Jews back, and you and me, to Israel – ten out of each nation.

But afterwards, maybe seven years, Gog and Magog, who will roll itself up like a snake and say, “I want the spoil, I want the oil.” But before they go up God says, “I need you to put My judgment over the coastlands of the West that dwells carelessly. And I will cast fire upon the coastlands that dwell carelessly. When they have fulfilled God’s word, and I’m prepared to anoint him for it – that’s what Elijah did to Hazael – then God will say, “Now you come, because I remain the Master of this race – the King of kings and the Lord of lords.”

And what will happen? The devil is so happy with the Third World War. Three hundred sixty million dead or around that number. You can’t believe it. The Europeans all run after their little self and everything they want ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Oh Lord this is terrible! We will not believe what God’s judgment will be in Europe and America. If six million Jews died in the Holocaust – who never came to the level of immorality of our generation … most the Jews never agreed with abortion or homosexuality, yet they went into the gas chambers. And as My Bible says, if God has not spared His own people who were less immoral in the 1940s than our generation, then you must be totally blind not to believe that something worse than the Second World War will come upon us.

Do you now understand why I am here? I want Norway to be saved from this. That’s why I preach here. I said Lord, I may be an optimist. That’s why I love Kjell so much. I found a man who said, let’s see what we can do with 300 Gideonites to turn Norway under God’s grace; maybe other countries as well. My son says, “Papa, I want Norway to be on the side of Israel before the Third World War.” That’s why this center in Norway now is here in Porsgrunn.

I may be an optimist but God says, “It was Norway that pushed my people into the Oslo Accord in the wrong way of peace.” But Terje (pastor from Tonsberg), you led a movement to bring pastors representing a new day for Norway – to say “sorry” to the Israeli Knesset members, to the prime minister. I translated it in Hebrew, and sent it to many of the lawmakers and I said, “God, because of that, is there a hope for Norway?” And that hope God showed me in these three days.

You have heard the message. You know you are sons and daughters of God. You hopefully have cleansed yourself completely. And God needs only 300 souls to win Norway back, if we go this way, by God’s grace!

If the result of the Third World War is a world government of 10 presidents, none of them is the Antichrist. The Bible says the little horn moves three away and remains as the emperor of Rome in control of the world, and says, “I’m your peacemaker.” There are politicians in Europe who see the terrible situation we are in. America is in debt 17 trillion dollars. America is dying under Obama. Two more years and America will never be the same. If Putin comes in you’re on your own! America will not come to the aid of Europe. And if you don’t know to lay hold of God you are alone. And your army is not going to help you. That’s why I am here.

And maybe not for nothing I come from the same city as Jeremiah. I live there. And God told me to live there. And in that way I’m a prophetic voice to the nations. But also of hope to Israel, that God announces to Israel, “I will make a new covenant with you.” And that covenant includes you.

So this is the third result. The first was the League of Nations. The second was the United Nations. After the Third World War the devil says, “You have seen enough death” – “yes, yes” – that’s why he loves the New Age movement: “We want so much to be one. We are not Norwegians. We are citizens of this world.” That’s what the world wants. That’s what your new generation wants. They will rather spit on their own Norwegian nationality! But I am here to announce to you: God saw this unholy unity movement in the days of Babylon and it was He who created nationhood. Suddenly everyone began to speak in different languages. God gave you your different language. And the devil hates the love for nationhood and he wants you to be citizens of this earth. Once you accept that you will get your citizen number on your head or on your arm. You are not a Norwegian. First and foremost you’re a citizen of this village earth. And the devil wants everybody to have the same. And if you want to be a homosexual you have to report to the World Health Organisation to make sure you don’t get AIDS. That is the world you are going to get.

Something is going to happen again in Jerusalem. In 1917, the first beginnings – the Jews came home as God promised. In 1948, Israel became a state and the Jews danced all over Israel for three days and nights. And they did not need alcohol to celebrate. They were so thankful. After 2000 years they had their state back!

And if Israel has to make a choice to be part of a grey, unified world, where the Jews will give up their nationhood, the Jews will be the hardest nut to crack, because they will say, “We have gone through the gas chambers, we have gone through our tribulation, we have been gassed and humiliated because we kept to be Jewish. We will not give up our national homeland to be part of this world.” And we Christian Zionists will come with Israel and we will say, “Yes, we will go with you, we will stand, look up to your salvation, it is coming.” And the unity of this world that will be the result of the Third World War will parallel the unity of God’s children – Jew and Arab, but especially the 10 out of each nation. They will say, “The hope comes from Jerusalem. Jerusalem, Jerusalem.”

Ulf Ekman, I have preached in your church from my heart under the anointing of the Lord about these things. And I want you to know: That that Lord that is coming is going to come to Jerusalem. And there is going to be the greatest revival that will bring us not just to the level of the Acts of the Apostles, but beyond. I don’t mind, Ulf, if you preach this in the Catholic Church. Ask me to come to all your cathedrals, and I will preach it because of you. But if you give up on Israel, on Jerusalem, I have a word for you: “Jerusalem, if I forget you, it would be better that my tongue would cease preaching and cleave to my palate.” I am saying under the Holy Ghost: “If you miss Jerusalem you have nothing to say. It’s better that your tongue would stop talking.” Jerusalem, Jerusalem, if I forget thee, it would be better that my tongue would cleave to my palate. All preachers, all priests, all brothers and sisters- Rome will not be the salvation of this world, but it will be the center of the world government and the world church. And Jerusalem is going to be the city where the Lord will put His King on His holy hill. All the nations will come there.

Oh I want to end here. The Bible says, “Every knee shall bow for my Lord.” It will be such a glorious day. Daniel says, “I saw the Son of Man with great power and glory.” This time He does not come on a donkey; this time He does not come as a suffering servant. This time He comes to own this world. And His reign will be from coast to coast. He will be King of Kings as Zechariah says: In that day the Lord, your Lord, our Lord, will be king over the whole earth. And the nations will come up. They will find something in the air, when they wake up in Trondheim, in Amsterdam, in Orlando, and they say there is a lightness – and they turn to their televisions – and after Washington DC there are more journalists in Jerusalem than any other country.

I like that because the Bible says, “every knee shall bow” – not just Pentecostals, not just Charismatics – every knee when they see this Lord. The glory will come down into that Third Temple that Ezekiel ends with – the Temple of the Lord. Without that Temple He will not come. And as He comes through the East Gate and fills the House with His glory – the One Who died at the cross to make you clean from every sin and made you sons and daughters of His Father – is coming to rule this world. And the glory will be so great that the journalists, for the first time, will have to report this on their knees.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is Television Norge, I see my colleagues all on their faces. Something happened this night. We cannot even look. There is such glory. I am so sorry about what I have said about Israel. And when these Jews built this Temple we journalists all made fun of them. Because I see Somebody has come to take the reins of this earth in the only hands in which the world is safe – the pierced hands of our loving Lord, who will not bypass the broken reed.”
You have gone through your problems. You have been sad, as I have, when we have failed the Lord. But if your heart is perfected, you will be a channel to move Israel into this hour. We will breathe upon them, identify with them, like the prophet on the boy, and breathe what God has given us.

How does it say? “Gentiles, may you show them mercy – the Jews – through the mercy that God has given you.” Lay yourself out on them. Not a tract at the Wailing Wall but an identification. Not a tract, not a little message. But to come to Israel with that word that was on the heart of Ruth. I look to a sister right now. Will you become that Ruth who said to Naomi, “I am going to go with you.” And she clung to Naomi and said, “Your God is my God.” We as Christians can say this for the God of Israel is our God and Father. Don’t pray to Jesus. Pray to God. It is through Jesus that we can come to His Father. We don’t believe in two gods. We believe in one God. “Our Father, which art in heaven…” “Your God, Naomi, is my God, and your people I embrace as my people.”

Have you embraced the Jewish people? When I see the soldiers, when I drive into “Israel proper” through the barricade from Anathot, I say, “Lord I love them,” because they are God’s people.

At an hour that God is about to pour out His Spirit. And the Hebrew word, when it says in Ruth [that she] “took hold” of Naomi, that word is the same word as in Zechariah when it says (I feel God’s Spirit says, “tell it to them”) ten gentiles from every nation will take hold, just as Ruth did to Naomi – the same Hebrew word, “take hold,” not just say, “We will pray for you while we wait on the rapture.” [but] “We will go with you; we will be with you, we will put ourselves upon you and see you come to your greatest hour.” So that when He comes we will stand face to face – you will stand face to face when the Lord restores Zion.

And we will say, “Come Yeshua. This world is in a mess. We are ready to celebrate Your Feast. A feast for the nations, which the Feast of Tabernacles is.”

And so Zechariah ends: And those that will be left of the nations, that survived the Third World War – then they will give Jerusalem its proper place. And we will kneel down beside all these journalists that have reported what has just happened, on this planet earth – and we will all be on our knees. And the nations will send their prime ministers – for when Jesus the King over all prime ministers is in Jerusalem we don’t need to go to the United States – we will go to Him. And He will have the right word for Norway and for all the nations. And you will be His ambassadors.

Come quickly and save Norway for this hour.




The PLO was instituted in 1964 three years before the six day war in June 1967 when Israel, in a war of self-defense, recovered the so-called “West Bank”, now seen and proclaimed by nearly everybody as the quintessence crux of the Middle East problem.
This however shows that the PLO (All Palestine needs to be liberated) was not formed to erect a Palestinian state on the ‘so called’ West Bank but was instituted to replace all of Israel with a Muslim Palestinian State.

A Word From Zion

The New Testament Basis for the Restoration of Israel

Jesus was asked by His disciples whether He would restore the kingdom to Israel at that time, to which He replied:
Therefore, when they had come together, they asked Him, saying, “Lord, will You at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?” And He said to them, “It is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has put in His own authority.