“If this piece of propaganda were true, one should indeed not find Arabs in Israel. That some 15% of the population of Israel is Arab (Muslims and Christians, although the Christians are not technically Arabs) with full voting and civil rights with members in parliament – certainly disproves that propaganda. There were, of course, Arab refugees as a result of the War of Independence in 1948 and the Six-Day war in 1967.

“There were as many Jewish refugees expelled from Arab lands during this time period. The difference is that, in Israel, the Arab states encouraged the Arab residents to leave Israel temporarily while they exterminate the Jews. Some Arab residents went along with this scheme expecting to come back and take Jewish property after the Arab victory. But there was no victory, and no return.

“The Jewish residents of Arab lands, on the other hand, were expelled without provocation by their Arab overlords who seized vast amounts of Jewish posessions and property. The Jewish refugees were absorbed almost immediately by Israel and France. The Arab refugees were left to rot by the Arab governments responsible for their predicament, and were put in camps which became breeding grounds for hatred and extremism. That anger at Israel and the Jews is misdirected.”

– The Society for Rational Peace