Will the Republican Party win back the White House only to see their nation come progressively under the sway and influence of the emergent world government?  Does the aspiration of their present president, Barak Hussein Obama, to become the next secretary-general of the United Nations portend the ominous danger of him using that position to see America joined to this new world order and being rendered an increasingly colourless socialist nation, remote from its unique Judeo-Christian foundations?

The threat and danger look real! His continual flirtations with ISLAM has brought him in a near perfect position, the Muslim States numbering already more than 40 in the UN – to reach this goal!

Some time ago, before news of such an Obama ambition was reported, a godly intercessor who is well known to me wrote to share some visions she’d had of this menacing prospect.  These are her words:

Last night – September 11th, I had an open vision just after midnight.
It was a scene of Obama, in a plane, which represents America.  The plane was flying high.  Obama was standing at the edge of the open exit door, wearing a parachute pack, holding a hand grenade in his hand.  I discerned that he was about to throw that grenade inside the plane and then escape by bailing out and use the parachute he was wearing.
I immediately called your home in Israel and spoke with and prayed with your wife…what a powerful prayer warrior she is!
Right after we hung up, I had another open vision…this time I saw what looked like a very plain pine coffin.  My attention was directed to the lid areas on top…I saw four nails (seals) on the left side of the coffin, which I discerned as representing Obama’s first four years – 1st term as president. On the right side on top of the lid were four nails as well, representing his 2nd term. Then I saw as a type of future happening, Obama would be responsible for the 9th nail (seal) that would be placed at the head area on top of the lid.  The coffin held America inside, as it was dead. And even though Obama has been responsible for 8 significant blows against my nation, his final blow would be a final blow…America could not be revived, nor rise up again, as the nails (seals) were holding a firm grip on the lid that could not be removed.  The fatal blow was the last one – the scenario that Obama will be responsible for…it is hidden for the most part, for now…but what I understand, and it makes me shake with horror, is that it has something to do that is meant to adversely affect Israel.

I feel it a pity that Donald Trump has for now backed off from where he was in the past when he challenged Obama’s birth certificate issue, offering him a check of five million dollars if the president (after spending around a million dollars on lawyers to hide it from the public) would come up with his genuine original birth certificate – which then, although a false one (see article of the former British advisor of Margaret Thatcher, Lord Monckton) was finally released under his pressure by the White House.

I believe nothing to be more important right now than to see to it that Barak Obama will not sit out his time in the White House.  It is wrong for the usually politically astute Donald Trump to maintain that an impeachment process would make a martyr of Obama.  The opposite is true. Not only would it not make him a martyr, but it would bring about his humiliation and the humiliation of all his clique, his advisors and associates, the Democratic Party that was willing to hide these things from the American people, and the liberal journalists who allowed themselves to be his slaves and servants.  It would negate the chances of Hillary or any other Democrat reaching the White House in 2017, and his impeachment would seriously hamper his chances of being chosen as the next secretary-general of the UN!

If it is true, as is reported by JNN, that Prime Minister Netanyahu is leading the effort to thwart Obama’s bid to become UN Chief, then everyone will understand that should this effort fail and Obama nonetheless be appointed to that position, all hell will break loose against Israel as Obama will surely use his newfound position to pay back Netanyahu and further punish and isolate Israel among the nations that will then be under his evil influence.

The only way to prevent such a terrifying scenario is to see Obama impeached NOW rather than support a campaign which, in a frightening way, could already trigger a White House backlash.

None of the Republican candidates for president in 2017 seem to grasp that by then it will likely be too late to save the United States or Israel from this danger.  Obama needs only one more year in the White House to accomplish this Satanically-inspired purpose: to further degenerate America into just one more socialist nation, part of the coming New World Order, and to seriously threaten and endanger the little and increasingly endangered nation of Israel.

I pray that all this may cause us to intercede for Israel as never before!
Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director
International Christian Zionist Center