9 02, 2015

ISLAM a peaceful religion?

By Jan Willem Van der Hoeven|

How can people continue to insist - in the face of the recent wave of awful massacres, inhumane terrorist attacks etc that have without exception been perpetrated in the name of Allah and ISLAM - that the religion of ISLAM is itself peaceful and that it is only ‘radical’ or ‘jihadist’ ISLAM that is the problem?


What do these people do with the more than 50 wars Mohammed fought to spread his faith and to establish its path?

3 02, 2015

Is this a Muslim President?

By Jan Willem Van der Hoeven|

Is it not incredibly ironic that President Barack Obama who was voted into office by - among others - a large majority of women voters, many of them feminists, may become a threat to the very liberties they have fought for because of his love for the world of ISLAM.


Nowhere in this sad world today are women as discriminated against by their leaders and

29 01, 2015

L’histoire se répète

By Jan Willem Van der Hoeven|

Will Obama’s bad deal with Iran lead us to a 3rd World War, in same way as Chamberlain’s bad deal with Hitler led to the 2nd World War?



There is a parallel to be drawn with what has happened in the past and what has unfolded during these last decennia relating both to the political landscape in the United States and to the political situation we find ourselves in here in Israel.


In earlier United States’ history both parties - Democrats and Republicans - were basically pro-American and patriotic.

21 01, 2015

“Rak lo Bibi” will bring us to Tibi

By Jan Willem Van der Hoeven|

With people now in Herzog and Livni’s party like MK Merav Michaeli who once said Israeli mothers should not send their sons to the IDF, and MK Stav Shaffir who according to a book on the 2011 social protests called ‘Hatikva’ a racist song, whereas Prof.

21 01, 2015

How important is God’s Temple Mount?

By Jan Willem Van der Hoeven|

As the prophet Ezekiel already shows, it was always in the purpose and heart of God when He said that He would one day bring His people back from all the countries where they had been scattered – that they would come back to His and their land “to serve Him on His holy mountain” in Jerusalem.

15 01, 2015

‘No weapon formed against you, Israel, shall prosper’

By Jan Willem Van der Hoeven|

I feel to write a brief but direct letter in the face of resistance that will almost certainly come from some quarters to the 'Australia Initiative' that has now gone out to raise up Christians – beginning in Australia and going around the world, to stand strongly and unequivocally with Israel’s right to her land.


As we know, too many Christians shy away from what is perceived political when it comes to standing with Israel or withstanding the enemies of the Jews.


Please permit me to make a crystal clear point that I hope will help us identify

14 01, 2015

True prevailing prayer

By Jan Willem Van der Hoeven|

May the Lord help us by His Spirit to see the breakthrough over those things that are on His heart for us as Paul writes in his epistle to the Romans:


Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses.

24 12, 2014

The fall of the nations?

By Jan Willem Van der Hoeven|

As an introduction I would warn any person who would be inclined to belittle or even reject the warnings from God that he or she should realize this is exactly what the people of Israel – God’s own chosen ones – did with the warnings of God in their day and age. So we have no right to fault them for not listening to the warnings of God if we would do exactly the same today versus the warnings He sends not our way.

14 12, 2014


By Jan Willem Van der Hoeven|

Against one another or against our real and deadly enemies?

Only together we will win – is the chosen slogan of the just joined political parties of Isaac Herzog (Chairman of Labor) and Tzipi Livni (chairwoman of Tnua). But win over whom? Israel’s sworn enemies or fellow Israelis?


The opposite will be the result of this mantra, what they are about to do to Israel’s electorate with this their negative and often hate-filled campaign against the other side, especially against the present Prime Minister.

11 12, 2014

Is this what we need?

By Jan Willem Van der Hoeven|

How in the world can the Israeli public trust her?


She, Tzipi Livni, betrayed her former party, the Likud, and while Prime Minister Sharon betrayed some of the finest of his people in Gush Katif when he surrendered it to Israel’s enemies, she chose to be with him in this betrayal. When in the end the Likud rejected him for doing so, she joined him in his new Kadima party.