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2013 Feast of Tabernacles


The International Christian Zionist Center will soon present the draft program for the 2013 Christian celebration during the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem. This Feast will be from September 18-25, 2013.

(Please note that some program details may alter as we near the appointed time)

What a wonderful Feast we had during this Sukkoth - the third big Biblical Feast the Lord God commanded that His people, Israel, must keep in Jerusalem. Together with believers from all over the world, we joined thousands of Israelis for their annual grand parade - the Jerusalem March.

The reception the Israelis gave to these Christian lovers of God's own people was riveting and heartwarming! Perhaps it was the tightening of the noose all around Israel that gave rise to this wonderful expression of thankfulness and recognition by the myriad Israelis who lined the streets of their capital to witness the parade. The sight of so many colourfully-clothed friends from the nations must have been especially comforting and appreciated in light of Israel's increasing isolation among the nations of the world.

We also took encouragement to the Jewish community in Hebron, where the welcome received as Christian friends was overwhelming!

After our thrilling visit to the Israeli Givati Brigade national memorial this year, we plan to again have a special time with Israel Defence Forces representatives during Sukkoth 2013. It will be good to strengthen and encourage them!

Yes, we are already looking forward to next year's Feast, which by the grace of God is set for the early date of 18-25 September, when the evenings are still warm and pleasant for our evening celebrations in the Valley of Hinnom.

YOU come up to Jerusalem next year, and join us as we rejoice with the Lord over Israel, comforting and assuring her of God's wonderful end-time destiny for His people and His land.

Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director, International Christian Zionist Center 

It is time to rise up! Come, start your spiritual and financial preparations early, and work hard to bring as many with you as you can!

For 2013 we have chosen a 4 star hotel (Leonardo Jerusalem Hotel). Our 2013 schedule allows us for more free time in the afternoons, and the fact that the Leonardo is about a 20 minute walk from the Old City of Jerusalem will be a blessing to all. We also managed to keep our rates the same as for 2012 to accomodate more people for 2013!

The price of the eight day long Feast of Tabernacles – excluding the air travel to and from Israel – will be $1,300- per person in a double room; $1,789- in a single room. 

A color brochure will be mailed to all who express an interest in being with us at this tremendous time! May God bless and guide you in this. And may we purify ourselves as we prepare to bring blessing and honor to our King in 2013.

Contact the ICZC at: iczc@iczc.org.il


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