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Judges, Prophets, Priests, Kings

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In their ancient history, the people of Israel looked for political leadership to divinely-empowered individuals, judges, prophets and kings. (In the era "between the testaments," Israel's priests also fulfilled a more political role, whereas earlier they had led in the more religious sense - in worship, sacrifices and so on.)

The different types of leaders were raised up at various stages in Israel's national development, or to fulfil definite roles at specific times. Thus, Moses and Joshua were God-appointed individual leaders over the newly emancipated Israelite tribes.


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By Stan Goodenough

Abram, whose name meant "high father" in Hebrew (and was later changed by God to Abraham, "father of a multitude"), was born in ca. 1800 in the city of Ur, in the southern region of Mesopotamia.

The Patriarchs

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Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Who were these grand old men, the patriarchs of Israel? Though we all know the biblical stories in which they star, the Bible does not provide a whole lot of information about their backgrounds.

From Abraham to Intifada

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By Jim Gerrish



Early Bronze Age Civilizations in Egypt & Mesopotamia

Middle Bronze Age

circa 2000
Abram called

Late Bronze Age - Israel conquers Canaan

Victory of Deborah and Barak

Gideon defeats Midian

Fall of Shiloh

Saul becomes king

Saul killed on Mt.


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As year replaces year, and century telescopes into century, trying to disentangle the landmark events that have both driven and shaped the course of history can be challenging.

This is evidently the case with Israel's history.

The fall of George W. Bush?

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By Jan Willem van der Hoeven

April 9, 2002

Mr. President,

You began so well, praying in the Washington DC Cathedral with all your people, seeking the favour God - the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - in your Nation?s fight against the terrifying scourge of terror.

An open letter to President Bush

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By Jan Willem van der Hoeven

February 15, 2003

Dear President Bush,

I am writing as a European who stands flabbergasted at the despicable attitude many of my fellow Europeans have expressed towards you and the United States of America.

Jesus says that the Devil is the prince of this present world.

The Jerusalem Cup

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By Bill McKay

November 16, 2001

Dear President Bush,

Having spent 25 years doing business in the Mideast and involved in an intense journalism project for the BBC on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, I have earned a responsible understanding of the extraordinary complexities of this region.

Today, I am not writing to you as one involved in journalism or one who has spent considerable time in the homes of the PLO leadership but as an abstemious Christian.

After all the learned men in the State Department have weighed in on the adroit strategies to bring the thorny Israeli/Palestinian problem under

No to a ceasefire!

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By Jan Willem van der Hoeven

December 30, 2001

Dear Prime Minister,

This letter is written in great, great concern for the future of your people Israel.

As it stands now, with the willingness you and your foreign minister, Mr Peres, have expressed to permit the creation of a Palestinian state - and now that the creation of this state is also official US policy - a ceasefire may become a terrible prelude to the US-led negotiations that will inevitably lead to the actual establishment of such a Palestinian state, which will become a cancerous growth in the Middle

Letters to World Leaders

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According to the Bible, it is the God of Israel who places leaders in positions of power, and it is the God of Israel who removes them.

He changes the times and the seasons; he removes kings and raises up kings... (Daniel 2:21)

Those leaders whom the Lord raises up are exhorted to practise godly wisdom, and to be open to receiving godly instruction.

They have been given power and authority over their subjects, and they need to know that they will be held accountable by God for the way in which they exercise that power.